Via its founder, Yoann Gini, Abelionni has a world wide reputation in the Apple technologies area

With a customer base spread across ten countries in Europe, Maghreb and North America and an effective recognition of our skills via professionals exchange group and conferences given in different countries by Yoann Gini, we have a unique experience allowing us to push Apple technologies way further than most other competitors can do.

Our skills are linked to Apple products and not a specific pre-designed catalog of solutions. Whether your needs are related to OS X, OS X Server, iOS, virtualization, software conception, video production or other specific areas, our jobs is to learn the way you work, understand your current needs, anticipating your futures and offering a global solution that can answer it.

Our choice to work mainly with Apple products doesn’t mean we are linked to a third part software provider or another. Our most used solutions are mostly free and OpenSource, and in most situations we don’t offer solutions based on SaaS without an alternative offer based on more regular economic model.