This is our favorite scenario. We create with our customers a long-term collaboration and become their own IT department with dedicated CTO/CIO.

We offer a recurrent service, handled by identified actors on our side and we give you access to the professional case for all our employees working for you. This allows our customers with regulatory constraints to keep their records compliant with law and market needs and still having access to a full and relevant IT department at the right price regarding real needs.

Depending on you, we can be on your organization chart like any department of your company, we can talk directly with your customers and partners as your own IT department, for customers seeking for the best, we can provide a CTO/CIO in part-time, available for your board meetings and think tanks, giving you access to specialized and external points of view for your current subjects.

Our experience told us that a company with a hundred people correctly built on Apple products and managed according to our recommendations don’t need more than two days of presence per month.

This offer is modulated according to the number of computers to manage, the complexity of your needs and setups and your capability to involve your own employees in this project.

Indeed, for some of our customers we’ve been able to reduce the global budget for this service by training in each department some employees to act as a computer advisor. We provide them a knowledge base allowing them to handle basic day-to-day problems, avoiding any need to open tickets for remote help. By this way, customers can reduce the budget for support and make more investments in tools.

In 2015, IBM announced having 200 000 Macs used by their own employees. Its experience showed that only 5% of them use the help desk against 40% of the PC users.

Our job as an IT partner is to lead you to valuable technologies, allowing us to work together to go further and not managing the same problems forever.