De la nécessité de transformer les conseils de sécurité en contraintes

Le domaine de la cyber-sécurité a cela de spécifique qu’il est le seul pouvant mettre à mal un pays tout entier en une seule attaque et dont la responsabilité de défense est majoritairement entre les mains des acteurs privés et non de l’état.

Si un pays est attaqué sur son territoire par un autre pays ou un groupe terroriste, c’est l’armée et la police qui sont en charge de la défense, et l’armée seule de la riposte.

Si un pays est attaqué au niveau de ses infrastructures numériques et celles de ses entreprises, la défense sera assurée par les agences d’état pour les Opérateurs d’Importance Vitale (OIV), et par le privé pour les autres. La riposte quant à elle viendra de l’armée et ne sera pas forcément numérique : les États Unis ont par exemple prévenu qu’une cyberattaque majeure sur leurs infrastructures conduira à une réponse par l’arme nucléaire.

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Digital Schoolbag, prepare your educational network

In these back school times, deploying tablets for educative purposes is a hot topic. Don’t be mistaken, some IT service providers will find this innovative, but this is a classic, already mastered by the more serious of them.

Too often, IT actors lacks expertise and experience. Today, « Big IT Service Providers » and local one leads to unacceptable situation. Schools spends hundreds of thousands euros, ending up with a non functional setup, the first day of school.
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Classroom: presentation and hands-on for one-to-one use case


This is the big news for the edu market Classroom is available with iOS 9.3.

This app works with a MDM and offers to teachers a management console giving them full control of students’ iPad during their course. Abelionni has already worked a lot of time with the edu market, and we can say it’s the main request from staff: being able to control students action on their iPad. Read more


OS X Server 5.1, update problems

Following yesterday’s announcements, OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 and OS X Server 5.1 are available on the Mac App Store and the update is highly recommended.

But, be careful, the two updates depend on each other. This may lead you to a network issue during the update process. Read more

A new way for SMB

As you’ve read on our website abelionni.com, the company has been created by Yoann GINI — freelance IT consultant since 2008 — to offer a new service of externalized IT department for SMB across the world, with tailored solutions at the right price.

Our goal is to give SMB the ability to take computer science as a tool and not a constraint. Our vision leads us to take IT products and services as tools who must answer to a bill of specifications and not as church choice.

We work with most technologies available on the market and we chose the closest to our customers’ needs. Choosing editors like Apple, Cisco or Microsoft is only linked to the customer’s business needs and budget. We recommend solutions answering needs and with proven resilience across the time.

To celebrate our introduction, the Abelionni corporation offer a discount of 15% to the first 1000 devices engaged in one of our externalized IT department contracts. The discount will stay as long as the customer maintain a contract with and for all services provided by ourselves. Each contract has a one-year engagement.