COVID-19 crisis taught us a lot of things about our organizations and our government. If it’s easy to speak a lot about all the issue revealed by this situation, the companies Abelionni, Alectrona and Technolutionary decided to focus on the lessons learned and the success rising through the storm.

This is the goal for the Futurproof IT online conference. An English-speaking conference specially crafted to allow European and North American citizens to attend a common even and share all what we learned, to empower each of us to review our own situation through the vision of well-known IT experts as well as CEO who had to learn and adapt quickly the behavior of their company.

The even will be held from May 18 to 20, 15:00 à 19:00 CEST.

All proceeds will be donated to Heart to Heart International humanitarian organization currently working to dispatch needed equipment and medication needed to fight COVID-19.

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Abelionni is proud to announce its French extension.

Started ten years ago in Marseille, our IT consulting company, expert on Apple Products, specialized in mobility and security scenario, is requested to work anywhere on the planet. Our history of customers across a dozen countries is a mark of our international recognition.

Today, our externalized CTO offer is more and more requested and bring us to provide work force on strategic location, and Paris will be the first. Allowing us to provide our unique externalized CTO offer to Parisian SMB and Startups.

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Cybersecurity area is specific in a certain way: it’s the only one who could be used to break down a country by one shot and where defensive operations are mainly handled by private actors and not the state.

When a country is attacked on its territory by another one or a terrorist group, it’s the army and the police who are in charge of the defensive task, and the army alone for the counter-offensive.

When a country is attacked on its IT infrastructure and those of its companies, defensive job will be handled by state agencies for few organizations (called Vital Importance Operators in France), and everyone else will be let to private actors. Counter offensive will be military, of course, but not necessarily cyber. USA for example has warned everyone that a major cyber-attack on their own infrastructure will lead to a nuclear answer.

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Following yesterday’s announcements, OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 and OS X Server 5.1 are available on the Mac App Store and the update is highly recommended.

But, be careful, the two updates depend on each other. This may lead you to a network issue during the update process. Read more

As you’ve read on our website, the company has been created by Yoann GINI — freelance IT consultant since 2008 — to offer a new service of externalized IT department for SMB across the world, with tailored solutions at the right price.

Our goal is to give SMB the ability to take computer science as a tool and not a constraint. Our vision leads us to take IT products and services as tools who must answer to a bill of specifications and not as church choice.

We work with most technologies available on the market and we chose the closest to our customers’ needs. Choosing editors like Apple, Cisco or Microsoft is only linked to the customer’s business needs and budget. We recommend solutions answering needs and with proven resilience across the time.

To celebrate our introduction, the Abelionni corporation offer a discount of 15% to the first 1000 devices engaged in one of our externalized IT department contracts. The discount will stay as long as the customer maintain a contract with and for all services provided by ourselves. Each contract has a one-year engagement.