IT Solution for business usage is a landscape that changes all the time. For years now, Abelionni help organizations of all sizes to manage their Apple devices, in mobility or at the office, then started to offer modern management for Windows devices thanks to Autopilot and MDM support, and for some time. We also work with the Google’s Chromebook Enterprise.

Just like Mac a decade ago, those endpoints are bashed by French companies, letting them aside of efficient and cost-saving solutions.

Today, Abelionni is a trusted advisor well known to have rare skills such as mass devices management for all kinds of devices, modern and passwordless identity management, and strategic advice for SMB. We are here to help people to use current and future technology to serve the best their needs.

To success in this mission, we use a whole set of products and services available on the market, without a specific link to one or another, only focusing on quality, user experience and economical safety for our customers. And honestly, Google Workspace and Chromebook Enterprise have their role to play.

This article will be the first of a list dedicated to present the value a Chromebook can bring in an organization. Focusing only on the user experience and the strategic view for the company.

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That is the question, the common question nowadays, not specific to the macOS world by the way. Windows offer the same alternate strategies (with more or less the same pros and cons for each answer).

Binding or not binding to a directory services is the main question that mobility first let us.

If you are an “old-style” system administrator used to bind your workstations to your directory service, this concern may seem bizarre. If you are new to this world, you might be doubtful looking at the two camps facing each other.

Let’s try to understand why you would choose one side or the other, through the prism of a macOS deployment with MDM and DEP.

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Nowadays, most companies provide mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad or MacBook to their team. As a logical consequence, remote work require remote device management, and more over, remote device deployment.

This requires a massive change of the IT work, most workflow must be updated to work from anywhere and without the help desk. Including:

  • initial device activation;
  • enrollment to the device manager;
  • inventory update;
  • automatic app deployment;
  • automatic accounts and services setup.

And still keeping the company’s information secure.

To handle of this, multiple tools are needed. The device manager (MDM, EMM, UEM… pick a name) is the most obvious. However, an always forgotten tools, the identity manager, is also needed.

The federated identity manager provides a source of trust for all web service for everything related to authentication and authorization. It keeps your corporate policy for identity manager applied even on third part cloud services.

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Commercial targets available for a software editor are private users and organizations. This term, organization, stand for all kinds of companies, nonprofit organizations, and the EDU market.

Targeting organizations for a software editor is a good idea most of the time. But this requires a specific bill of functionalities too often ignored by editors.

Our goal here is to explain our standard bill of functionalities for all kinds of software deployment for an organization. This article is made to be read by software editors. It can also be useful for IT teams to challenge their own requirements for software, or eventually serve as a model for standardized requirements.

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Cybersecurity area is specific in a certain way: it’s the only one who could be used to break down a country by one shot and where defensive operations are mainly handled by private actors and not the state.

When a country is attacked on its territory by another one or a terrorist group, it’s the army and the police who are in charge of the defensive task, and the army alone for the counter-offensive.

When a country is attacked on its IT infrastructure and those of its companies, defensive job will be handled by state agencies for few organizations (called Vital Importance Operators in France), and everyone else will be let to private actors. Counter offensive will be military, of course, but not necessarily cyber. USA for example has warned everyone that a major cyber-attack on their own infrastructure will lead to a nuclear answer.

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In these back school times, deploying tablets for educative purposes is a hot topic. Don’t be mistaken, some IT service providers will find this innovative, but this is a classic, already mastered by the more serious of them.

Too often, IT actors lacks expertise and experience. Today, « Big IT Service Providers » and local one leads to unacceptable situation. Schools spends hundreds of thousands euros, ending up with a non functional setup, the first day of school.
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This is the big news for the edu market Classroom is available with iOS 9.3.

This app works with a MDM and offers to teachers a management console giving them full control of students’ iPad during their course. Abelionni has already worked a lot of time with the edu market, and we can say it’s the main request from staff: being able to control students action on their iPad. Read more

Following yesterday’s announcements, OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 and OS X Server 5.1 are available on the Mac App Store and the update is highly recommended.

But, be careful, the two updates depend on each other. This may lead you to a network issue during the update process. Read more