IT Solution for business usage is a landscape that changes all the time. For years now, Abelionni help organizations of all sizes to manage their Apple devices, in mobility or at the office, then started to offer modern management for Windows devices thanks to Autopilot and MDM support, and for some time. We also work with the Google’s Chromebook Enterprise.

Just like Mac a decade ago, those endpoints are bashed by French companies, letting them aside of efficient and cost-saving solutions.

Today, Abelionni is a trusted advisor well known to have rare skills such as mass devices management for all kinds of devices, modern and passwordless identity management, and strategic advice for SMB. We are here to help people to use current and future technology to serve the best their needs.

To success in this mission, we use a whole set of products and services available on the market, without a specific link to one or another, only focusing on quality, user experience and economical safety for our customers. And honestly, Google Workspace and Chromebook Enterprise have their role to play.

This article will be the first of a list dedicated to present the value a Chromebook can bring in an organization. Focusing only on the user experience and the strategic view for the company.

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